Umbrella Policy Insurance

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Umbrella Insurance

Our San Bernardino umbrella insurance and liability policies provide total protection for when you need it most. In extreme cases where auto insurance or home insurance coverages aren’t enough to protect you, an umbrella insurance policy can be the key to protecting your family’s wealth, estate, and financial future. A simple accident can spiral into an extremely large civil legal case. Given how more people are prone to lawsuits, an umbrella insurance policy can protect you if you are involved in a legal battle for money that goes over the coverages in your auto insurance or home insurance policies. Les Palcsik Insurance has seen cases after cases where families were able to protect themselves by having an umbrella policy to cover any unforeseen events where the liabilities in a lawsuit ballooned beyond any reasonable auto or home insurance policy could have anticipated.

A San Bernardino, Loma Linda or Redlands umbrella insurance and liability policy can provide the funding necessary to settle cases that jeopardize your financial wellbeing. In cases where you are liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even a million dollars, you could face a lifetime of financial hardship. Without umbrella insurance you can be liable to pay the amount yourself without any support. You can expect to see your wages and income garnished and see your assets lost due to the weight of your financial obligation. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the damages of exorbitant lawsuits when you could start an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance is a great way to protect your assets, home and business from personal liability.

The right insurance agent can guide you in selecting the policy that will protect you when your auto insurance and home insurance cannot cover all your liabilities. Les Palcsik Insurance has expert agents actively serving the greater community near San Bernardino, Loma Linda, and Redlands. Call our office today and we can work with you to make sure you have the right protection. Umbrella insurance is a smart and critical part of your financial plan.

A client of ours saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by having an umbrella insurance plan. They were in a car accident where a person’s injury expenses were over $300,000, which did not get fully covered by their auto insurance. Luckily, they had their umbrella insurance through an agent from Les Palcsik Insurance. The umbrella plan provided the funding for lawyers and allowed the insurance company to settle out of court. Without a San Bernardino umbrella insurance and liability policy providing extra coverage, the client would likely have had to pay an enormous amount of out pocket and potentially have their wages garnished.

We’re committed to helping every client and person we are in contact with. Even if you just have questions about your current San Bernardino umbrella insurance or liability policy and want to know if you’re adequately covered, give us a call at (760) 885-1131. We want to help and we’re here for you.

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