Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

A San Bernardino life insurance policy can help to ensure your loved ones are provided for, even in the unfortunate event that the household’s primary breadwinner is no longer there. It can mean the difference between poverty and suffering or allowing your family to grieve in peace and being able to sustain them without the added financial stress and turmoil that comes with a loss in the family. Take the time to make sure your loved ones are protected. Proper life insurance can help to make sure the financial future of your children, spouse, parents or loved ones is given the resources it needs.

The two main categories of our San Bernardino, Loma Linda and Redlands life insurance policies are Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance. There are many variations of whole life and term insurance which our agents at Les Palcsik Insurance can review with you and help you find the type of policy that best suits what your family needs. Our goal is to help the families in our community to be secure and financially protected.

Our San Bernardino life insurance team has years of experience helping families prepare for some of the most challenging times with our Whole Life and Term life insurance policies, and have provided for them in their time of financial and emotional need. We’re committed to our communities in San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Redlands and the greater area. It’s why we make ourselves available to our clients to go over everything in their policies and educate them on their coverage. We take the extra step to help craft an insurance plans to make sure no family is left without financial support during their time of grief and healing.

We have a step-by-step approach where we interview you to find out what your family will need in order to be financially secure and develop a plan to meet those needs while keeping the life insurance as affordable as possible. Please call or message us today so we can start protecting your family’s future.

A client of ours was diagnosed with a severe condition and their term insurance was rising in payments because the allotted years for the term had passed. They also wanted to expand their coverage because they now had a family and a household of expenses to cover. We learned about the challenges our client was facing and our knowledgeable team was able to help our friend transition from a term insurance into a whole-life insurance. This allowed them to get the lifetime of coverage they needed.

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