Home and Auto Insurance

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Home Insurance

The most valuable property most households own is their home. It’s important to protect it and your family from unexpected problems such as fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage and other unforeseen difficulties. When you meet with a Les Palcsik Insurance agent, the first thing they will do is review what you need covered and the best policies that can help. Our team is proud to help individuals and families protect their home and make sure they get the best coverage given their budget. Home insurance is essential to making sure your prized property is protected, especially if it is your largest asset and investment. San Bernardino homeowners insurance can save a family in tight situations when they need it the most, such as sudden water damage from a burst pipe, a theft of their personal possessions, or a roof in need of repair. Your home is worth a substantial amount, don’t let it go unprotected. Make sure you have the right coverage by contacting us. We will make sure you get affordable insurance that covers your home.

Older homes are infamous for having pipes burst or other forms of water damage. When one of our clients was meeting with our agents, we made sure to include mold coverage into their insurance. This became a life saver when the home ultimately did suffer water damage and developed mold throughout the flooring, walls and interior. This would have cost the client tens of thousands of dollars to take care of herself, but instead she had the right insurance to protect her finances. While most insurance agencies try to rush the process, we at Les Palcsik Insurance make sure you’re getting the San Bernardino homeowners insurance coverage you need.
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Auto Insurance

San Bernardino car insurance is a necessity if you are commuting with your own car or vehicle. A simple trip to the store or your workplace always comes with risk that is outside of our control. We make sure you have adequate coverage to protect you when unfortunate accidents and fender benders happen. Regardless of how the accident happens, our agents and claims staff are here to help you every step of the way. Les Palcsik Insurance will guide you on finding the right San Bernardino, Loma Linda or Redlands car insurance policy that fits with what you need.

We make getting personalized San Bernardino car insurance easy and convenient. Don’t go on the road without adequate insurance to protect you. Even basic auto-insurance may not adequately cover you, yet you still might be paying an overpriced premium. Our agents are ready to meet with you in San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Redlands or in the surrounding areas to get you affordable auto insurance that actually protects you when disaster strikes.

We provide great savings when you sign up for both homeowners and car insurance in San Bernardino. Give us a call at (760) 885-1131, and we can get started lowering your rates and looking into how we can make sure you’re adequately protected.

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