Business, Commercial, and Workers Compensation Insurance

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Business Insurance

Getting insurance for your San Bernardino business is one of the best ways to protect your income and investment from liability. As a business owner, you need to know how to set your company for success by avoiding the many pitfalls entrepreneurs and business owners fall into on a regular basis. Our agents at Les Palcsik will meet with you and share how you can take proactive steps in protecting your business and assets. Whether you need to cover your business vehicles, general liability insurance, professional liability, or malpractice insurance, we work to make sure your business and cashflow are protected against any claims placed against you. Think of business insurance for your San Bernardino, Loma Linda or Redlands company, as a safeguard to your income.

One of our clients was having an incredibly hard time finding a carrier to affordably insure their business vehicles. Unfortunately, our client’s main customer would only work with them if they got insurance. That’s when we came in, and helped our client. The Les Palcsik Insurance negotiated with the insurance carriers to get the rate down to where the business could afford it and get the coverage they needed. Without our help they would not have been able to get San Bernardino business insurance and retain their customers. Please give us a call, and we will go above and beyond for your business
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Commerical Insurance

Operating a business with commercial vehicles and equipment requires specially tailored insurance policies. At Les Palcsik Insurance in San Bernardino, we make sure you have the right commercial insurance tools to protect your assets and your business from the liability that comes from operating your commercial vehicles and equipment. If your business uses vehicles for extended shifts, miles, across state lines, specialized vehicles performing specific tasks such as cement trucks or tractor-trailers, then you need commercial vehicle insurance. Commercial vehicle usage typically involves much more risk, which makes working with an experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained insurance agency even more important. Our San Bernardino commercial insurance team is ready to help you cover your commercial vehicles and equipment so you can have peace of mind when operating your business.

Our team can tailor insurance plans to your business needs. A client of ours was having a difficult time finding any insurance for the specialty equipment and machinery his construction business was using. There was no agency willing to offer help getting their company the right coverage. When the business owner contacted Les Palcsik Insurance, our agents worked with insurance carriers to create an insurance plan that would provide coverage. We’re committed to helping our clients, even if it involves working overtime to make sure they can get what they need.
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Workers Compensation

If you are employing people at your San Bernardino, Loma Linda or Redlands business, then you will need workers’ compensation insurance. It is a solid and secure way to protect your business and provides the much-needed funds for workers’ compensation cases. Even a small workers compensation case can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t go unprotected. There is too much liability in employing a team without starting an affordable and convenient workers’ compensation insurance plan. It’s easy to start and can save you from a business nightmare. Our professional agents can meet with you at our San Bernardino office or at your location. We make it easy for local businesses in the Loma Linda, Redlands and surrounding areas to get started with workers’ compensation insurance.

You can get significant discounts on your workers’ compensation insurance by working with Les Palcsik Insurance. Many business owners and managers don’t realize that they can save a lot of money by working with an agent who can provide multi-policy discounts and reduce any unexpected risk from impacting your bottom line. We do this through real-time billing, where the premium is paid every payment cycle, so it doesn’t come up as a massive charge all at once. While most insurance companies and the state want a large lump sum, you can space out your payments with Les Palcsik Insurance. If business risk rises, then you avoid the balloon payment problem that comes with most other workers compensation plans. Give our office a call at (760) 885-1131 and see how we can cut your business and workers’ compensation insurance costs.

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